Must Dusters Pricing Options

We offer a variety of cleaning rates to fit your needs!

Package 1:
Number of Rooms

Our first cleaning package is based on the number of rooms we will be cleaning, with a minimum of four rooms.

The price per room is $35.00
Half rooms (Bathrooms/Kitchenettes) are $25.00
Two half rooms will be considered one room at $35.00

  • Four Rooms: $140
  • Five Rooms: $175
  • Six Rooms: $210
  • Seven Rooms: $245
  • Eight Rooms: $280
  • Nine Rooms: $315
  • Ten Rooms: $350

  • Package 2:
    Hourly Rate

    Our second cleaning package is based on an hourly rate of $45, with a minimum of three hours, no exceptions.

    Please note that with the hourly rate, your entire house may not be cleaned depending on the speed and the amount of time someone is there. If you would like an entire clean, we would recommend you look at package 3.

    Package 3:
    Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, One-Time, Move In/Move Out, Deep Cleans

    Our third cleaning package is based on how often you'd like your home or office cleaned and pricing is calculated upon square footage.

    We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options. Also included are one-time cleans, move in/move out cleans, and deep cleans.

  • Weekly Cleaning Rates
  • Bi-Weekly Cleaning Rates
  • Monthly Cleaning Rates
  • Deep Cleaning Rates
  • One-Time Cleaning Rates
  • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Rates

  • Please feel free to take a look at all of our options within this package or contact us by calling 716-446-3787 or emailing

    Please Note:
    Anything over six rooms or in a deep clean will require two cleaners.
    There is an additional $45 for a second cleaner.

    Two Cleaners: $45
    Three Cleaners: $80